Fontaine Patrice

who am I


I am 58 years old, married father of three children aged 35,34, 30Grandfather of four grandchildren aged 12,11,5,1I am original touches everything, it’s my nature.For some time I give myself to music and painting.I do not claim to be a painter or a musician.I put my music and my painting to share to encourage others.

I formatted on a blog (10 SECRET of SUCCESS and INNER PEACE) DR WAYNE

I am initiated into the third degree USHUI AND KARUNA REEKI that m ‘brings a lot of well being

and at the present time I have the chance to meet a shaman who gives me a small approach of shamanism


Link to see the blog (10 SECRET of SUCCESS and INNER PEACE) DR WAYNE

Link to watch my videos Pan pipe

Link to watch my videos Native American Indian Flute

Link to see my Paintings


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